Kelly Clarkson Completes Sale of Encino Home for Below-Purchase $8.2M (

This month, musician Kelly Clarkson finally sold the modern farmhouse in Encino that she picked up over three years ago. The return wasn’t all that it might’ve been, however; Clarkson closed on the property at $8.5 million during the high summer of 2018, and recently accepted an offer of $8.2 million to see it into the rearview.

The 9,839 sq. ft. home was completed shortly before Clarkson closed on it. Its exterior is decked out with reclaimed timber; contrast in the wood gives the home’s façade much to occupy the eye, and adds texture and a bit of welcome naturalism to the ponderous and tough look of the concrete walls.

Inside the home, raw reclaimed timber accents and ceilings, exposed beams, wide-plank flooring, unpolished stone, and the odd barn door bring earthiness to the picture, while gray tones and brassy fixtures add 21st-century refinement. The home’s 10 baths are worth a look; each receives a distinct design, with tile and texture varying wildly, and the lot of them accumulating into a stylized whole.

Clarkson sold her now-former chateau outside Nashville this summer for $6.3 million; it had been on and off the market for about four years when it closed in July. The warm season also saw her pick up a new L.A. home for $5.4 million.

Clarkson has sold over 70 million records worldwide. She has a Christmas album coming out in October titled When Christmas Comes Around…. On the television front, Clarkson hosts her eponymous daytime television talk show.

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