30 Dreamy White Bedroom Ideas


Peaceful, serene, cathartic—the adjectives to describe a white bedroom are plentiful. Designers aiming to create restorative and rejuvenating bedrooms are no stranger to forgoing color in favor of a white palette. When applied right, white and its many constituents—see: ivory, cream, ecru—are every bit as expressive as their more colorful counterparts. While some are fond of going white-on-white, others are fans of pairing white with high-contrast hues like black or blue. Still, others prefer partnering it with whispers of color to cue up a dreamy retreat that goes as easy on the eyes as it does on the soul.

Part of the beauty of white is its different tones which can evoke a multitude of moods. Shades of cream and almond (any white with a yellow undertone, really) are prime for imbuing bedrooms with a cozy, sun-dappled feel. On the other end of the spectrum, whites underpinned with blue or green feel cool and soothing, making them ideal for swathing a room in a billowy, vaguely coastal aura. For a wintry shade that strikes just the right balance between warm and cool, go with a bold white—some even like to call it “decorator white” in a true testament to its perfection. A crisp, pigment-less white is just the shade to cocoon a room in a cloud-like feel. Intermix it with texture to really bring it to life.

If you’ve been considering a white bedroom but need a little inspiration to get started, we’ve assembled a round-up of beautiful white bedrooms to behold. Scroll on to see why when it comes to bedrooms, designers enthusiastically abide by white.

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