What Is a Mother-in-Law Suite, and Does It Add Property Value?

What Is a Mother-in-Law Suite, and Does It Add Property Value?

What is a mother-in-law suite?

In its simplest form, a mother-in-law suite is a residence created within a home,  an addition built onto a home, or a separate dwelling unit intended for the use of an in-law or relative. The suite can be either connected to or built on the same lot as a home that’s occupied by other family members. Often, the purpose of a mother-in-law suite is to make it possible for elderly family members to live near their adult children or family members, yet still, maintain their independence and privacy. This is very common in multi-generational households where children often live with their parents and grandparents in the same house. 

The concept of a mother-in-law suite, or now more popularized as the “granny flat,” has been around for decades. It was most popular in post-WWII America until zoning laws were put in place that eventually shut down their construction. Today, the mother-in-law suite, whether it’s a portion of a house that has been remodeled to accommodate a relative, or a smaller, detached “granny flat,” is beginning to see a resurgence with homeowners.

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