John Travolta Gets $4 million for Waterfront Estate Near Scientology’s Global Headquarters

Clearwater, Fla., right next door to Tampa, might seem a remarkably unlikely place for Hollywood stars to maintain multimillion-dollar homes but, as the global headquarters of Scientology, it attracts a fair number of well-to-do showbiz movers and shakers who adhere to the long-controversial religion.

Tom Cruise keeps a heavily fortified penthouse in a downtown building — it was built by one of the wealthiest adherents to Scientology, Mexican property developer Moises Agami, and Kirstie Alley owns a multi-residence waterfront compound, part of which she initially bought in 2000 from Lisa Marie Presley but quickly sold and then, oddly enough, bought again in 2008 for $1.8 million.

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