How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Warm & Cozy Boho Retreat

Modern bohemian style is all about tapping into that easy-breezy West Coast attitude for a space that reduces the buzz of everyday life to a whisper. It’s no wonder it’s become a go-to look for bedrooms, the first place we retreat to when we need a little R&R.

Lis Engelhart, Good Housekeeping’s visual styling director, is a huge fan. “I love how boho style evokes a destination like a beach getaway or boutique hotel, and that’s just the sort of dreamy and relaxed vibe that you want in your bedroom,” she says.

Luckily, you can tap into the tranquility of modern boho style at The Home Depot. They have an entire collection of products that, when combined, can turn your bedroom into a free-spirited oasis, from pillows to rugs and more.*

Read on to learn how you can create your own inviting escape at home in just four steps.

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