The Biggest Mistakes People Make with Their Yards (

Neglect and poor planning top the list of big mistakes people make with their yards. Learn how to create your best yard by avoiding these missteps.

Let’s face it. Sometimes our front and backyards get away from us. Instead of being pleasant places for us to spend our free time, they become unmanageable, impractical or a lost cause.

Maybe it’s because our ambitions exceeded our skill set or budget. Maybe we made a crucial error in our initial planning and now there’s no going back. Or maybe we landscaped for the Pacific Northwest, but we live in the Southwest desert.

Whatever mistake you’ve made in your yard, you can rest assured that someone else has been there. Take a look at these expert insights on the biggest mistakes people make with their yards, and maybe you’ll feel a little better about that patchy grass or fire pit that never gets used.

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