Step Inside a Peaceful Yet Vibrant Miami Home That Was Built Entirely From Scratch (

Creating a dream house from scratch would be an intimidating prospect for anyone. And yet, for some, it brings with it a high dose of excitement. “We spent a year and a half living in the old house during the design and permit phase,” José Mollá and Maria Cersosimo recall. “Then we had an unforgettable demolition party, with DJs and drummers playing while all of our friends painted graffiti everywhere and helped demolish the old house. It was the ultimate act of self-expression.”

Indeed. But what made the Argentina-born couple decide to build an entirely new structure in the first place had nothing to do with their clear love of fun. Instead, it was the soothing nature of the nearby ocean view, and the promise of direct access to the beach on Di Lido, one of Miami’s Venetian Islands.

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