21 Ways to Make Your Space Into a Smart Home (

After a year spent mainly indoors, you may have spent countless hours thinking your home is in need of a serious face-lift. But beyond the new mattress or throw pillows many of us have invested in lately, smart upgrades can make your space more livable, not to mention make your daily routine easier. If the idea of a smart home—like the ones on TV or owned exclusively by celebrities—sounds expensive, we’re here to tell you that the tech-driven oasis of your dreams may be more attainable than you think. Below, we found 20 of the best smart home devices to bring your space into the digital age. So whether your budget calls for something small like an Amazon Echo to ask Alexa what the weather’s like, or something big like an LG Smart Washer and Dryer to simplify your laundry routine, here are the the best gadgets that will make your living a little smarter.

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