House Call: All the Cool Airbnbs I Want to Book

I think we’re having a collective need for vacation. The word feels almost foreign coming out of my mouth, or perhaps like an abstract concept. It’s hard to remember the sensation of pure, uninterrupted bliss after a year of work as we’ve watched our homes, businesses, and leisure time swirl together into a mess of screen time.

Over the weekend, I took a baby step toward vacation, booking two full nights in a hotel on a small, rocky island. It’s months away, but it was the only remaining room left. Based on the fact that every cabin, hotel, and bed and breakfast I’ve so much as glanced at is booked solid, I’d say we’re all in the mood for a getaway. And because I love an excuse to daydream about incredible properties, today I present to you an enviable list of Airbnbs you should try to snag. From the house featured in The Royal Tenenbaums to a poet’s studio in Arizona, I have a feeling you’ll want to bookmark them all.

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