Exhausted real estate agents say they're working around the clock to keep up with the frenzied real estate market nationwide — and there's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon

For Silicon Valley realtor Mary Pope-Handy, the last few months have been frantic.

Pope-Handy, an agent with Northern California firm Sereno and a blogger who writes about Silicon Valley real estate, has been in the business for nearly three decades. Last spring, she said, the pandemic shut down showings and made buyers wary of signing contracts. Then, business returned with a vengeance.

“I’m tired,” Pope-Handy told Insider. “I always tell my clients, ‘I try to take Sundays off, but if there’s something that comes up …. then I’ll do it.’ But after about a month, I find that I start making mistakes. It’s just exhaustion, is what it is.”

When California’s lockdowns lifted last year, prospective homebuyers “just started coming out in droves,” she said. Since then, housing has been in short supply and prices have been driven through the roof — Pope-Handy said she’s selling homes for more than 30% over listing price.

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