Terrific Triangular Home in Connecticut Is a Spot for Waterfront Contemplation

When is a beach house not a beach house? When it’s less a space for sunning and more of a spot for contemplation.

Listed for $1.5 million, this sharply angled home on Neck Road in Guilford, CT, will also require a buyer who doesn’t have second thoughts about buying something different.

“It’s really very small. It’s only 1,149 square feet, and it’s basically three rooms: a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom with a bath and a half,” explains the listing agent, Carol Mancini. “It isn’t your typical summer family beach home. It’s not a place you’re going to come from New York and drive in with four kids, because it’s not step-out-onto-the-sand, and it’s not very spacious.”

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